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Your goals

As a foundation settlor or executive you have an interest, that your foundation/trust provides a sustainable performance of its purpose within the relevant (pre-defined or desired) context. Such context may vary from foundation/succession, DLT-foundation/ecosystem/blockchain, non-profit foundation/NPO or investment foundation/pension fund.

Our services

MME provides the support in all relevant fields of a potential foundation context: Foundation Law, national and international law of succession, Blockchain, capital market, tax, pension funds. You may expect from us all services you need for your foundation project from the beginning (concept), establishment until operation and liquidation.

Our services are based on complete knowledge and experience within the law applicable, the court and administrational practice and the relevant market activity. We know the best practice and can provide a complete and fundamental bench marking.


In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Development, organisation and orchestration of global ecosystems;
  • Establishment und support of foundations in any context;
  • Establishment and support of foundations to create social venture capital and capital for venture philantropy and support for all kind of non-profit organisations in- and outside Switzerland;
  • Restructuring of non-profit organisations and foundations;
  • Coordination of international trusts with specialists outside Switzerland;
  • Set-up and development of governance-structures for non-profit organizations and foundations;
  • Cooperations of non-profit organizations with related tax exempted institutions and corporations;
  • Evaluation and analysis of investment strategy (tax, SAA);
  • Advice for foundation councils and trustees;
  • Tax planning for sponsoring activities;
  • Coordination and support in connection with donations made by natural persons and entities in- and outside Switzerland;
  • Valuation of all regulatory requirements within foundation law (ESA) and capital market law (FINMA);
  • Tax planning and tax consulting (e.g. tax exemption, support of investment into private equity funds);
  • Advice for institutional investors and asset managers (fiduciary obligations);
  • Coordination between foundation boards, accountants, auditors and tax authorities, full service package for the yearly reporting to ESA;
  • Compliance stress test for legal, tax and regulatory aspects in close cooperation with accountant, tax authorities and auditors;
  • Establishment and implementation of internal control systems (ICS);
  • Support of the fondations’ risk management;
  • Tax and legal support in connection with the foundation’s assets (e.g. due diligence, sign-off memos, SAA);
  • Various compliance- & health-checks, e.g. compliance with legal, regultatory and tax environment according to law and jurisdiction (including bench-marking with other foundations);
  • Benchmarking and analysing various topics (e.g. SWOT-analysis, governance of the foundation, internaal control systems, investment policy and investment process)

MME Integrated Approach

MME can provide foundations in the private sector with full scope service in the field of legal, tax and compliance. This includes all matters with a regulatory background, in particular financial market law and financial market supervision (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA), anti money laundering, asset management and administrational foundation supervision (European Supervisory Authority ESA).

The Foundation Team is led by Thomas Müller.

Thomas Müller is an acknowledged expert in corporate law, M&A and foundation law. He also has in-depth experience in advising larger companies and foundations in governance and crisis situations. He regularly advises companies, foundations, board and council members on general corporate and foundation law as well as contract law. As a public notary, he can seamlessly incorporate notarial services into his advice.

Your team


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