Blockchain / Digital Assets

To be a pioneer: for legal and tax advice on digital and blockchain-based business models.

We guide our clients in developing, operating and offering digital or blockchain-based applications. Our related areas of expertise include protocols, dApps, DeFi applications, Fiat/DC and DC/DC Exchanges, electronic payment systems, custody of digital assets, smart contracts, DAOs, gaming and NFTs.

Our areas of expertise include analyzing the legal and tax challenges of digital business models, implementing crowdfunding initiatives and token offerings (ICO / STO / TGE), setting up appropriate legal structures and ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Our clients include innovative and globally active startups from the «Crypto Valley» as well as renowned, internationally active companies, financial service providers, professional investors and DeFi enthusiasts.


  • Analysis and solution of the legal and regulatory challenges of digital and blockchain-based business models.
  • Civil law and regulatory token classification
  • Tokenisation and related offerings (ICO, STO, TGE)
  • E-money, digital currencies and electronic card payment systems
  • Company and foundation formation
  • Governance in decentralised ecosystems
  • Contractual support (IT / IP / SAFT / ECA / OSS / development contracts, employment law, employee share ownership plans, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence, Big Data, data protection, and data security
  • Cyber risk management


  • Negotiations and rulings with tax authorities regarding digital business models, blockchain-based transactions, tokens, and ICOs
  • Token classification for direct tax, VAT, stamp duty, or withholding tax purposes
  • Declaration and accounting of digital assets, voluntary declarations, and objection procedures
  • Distinction between private asset management and business activity
  • Assessment of variable salary components (e.g. in employee participation plans)
  • International developments in digital tax
  • Tax benefits for research and development, intellectual property, and other business activities


  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Licensing procedures under financial market law (DLT trading venue, FinTech licence, banking licence, etc.)
  • AMLA compliance, SRO registration, outsourcing
  • Cross border compliance when entering the Swiss and European market for electronic financial services
  • Negotiations and rulings with FINMA and SROs


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