Gaming / Entertainment

A booming market with (partly) clear rules of the game: From events and ticketing through gambling and e-sports all the way to the metaverse.

Services in the fields of gaming, e-sports, entertainment and metaverse are subject to numerous legal obstacles. We support you in offering your ideas and products in a legally compliant and tax-efficient manner in an international environment.

Gaming / Gambling

We advise internationally and nationally leading providers of gaming, e-sports and payment services, casinos and betting providers as well as online operators on all legal, regulatory and tax matters.

We are a member of IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law), an exclusive international membership organization for regulations in the field of gaming.

Our specialists regularly act as expert advisors and support the industry association of Swiss casinos as well as domestic and foreign authorities and gaming operators (B2B & B2C) in the development and implementation of legal and regulatory requirements.


In the field of entertainment and ticketing, increasingly complex legal issues arise, such as alliances, data protection, security, contractual partners, collection, use of infrastructure, public law permits or distribution channels. In addition, the industry is growing ever closer together internationally.

We advise ticketing providers, event organizers, hall and theater operators, artists and technical specialists on how to deal with the corresponding legal, regulatory and tax challenges.


Imagine the real world, just online. This is what Metaverse is about. The concept refers to an online hyper-realistic digital virtual world that combines augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D holographic avatars, gaming, digital and remote working, digital economy, and other forms of digital communication.

The term Metaverse does not refer to any specific type of technology or any specific digital world, but rather to a new immersive way of interaction with technology, resulting in a shift from a two-dimensional usage of the internet to a three-dimensional digital world where users interact with digital content and other users within one and the same digital environment.

We are looking forward to discuss with you the legal challenges in this regard, such as regulation, intellectual property, taxation, dispute resolution and privacy. Welcome to the MMEtaverse!


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    Dr. Andreas Glarner was recognised in the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2018 (Gambling - Law Firm of the Year - Switzerland).

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    Gaming Law - Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland - 2023
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    • Andreas Glarner: Gaming Law - Law Expert of the Year in Switzerland - 2023

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