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Private Insurance Law, Dispute Resolution, Insurance Supervision/FINMA, Broker Law

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You are looking for comprehensive legal expertise in the field of (re)insurance and liability law. As insurer, reinsurer or insurance intermediary, you depend on receiving practice-oriented, well-founded and timely answers to complex questions of insurance, supervisory and liability law. In connection with insurance disputes, you expect legal representation that is committed to protecting your interests in out-of-court and court dispute resolution proceedings.

Our services

Our advice covers all areas of insurance and liability law. We support you from the establishment of (re)insurance companies and branches to the handling of run-offs. We provide our clients with our know-how in the preparation of new insurance contracts, the elaboration of strategic insurance concepts and industry-specific contracts (such as broker agreements) as well as in claims settlement. We represent you in the assertion and defense of national and international insurance and liability claims and support you in negotiations with FINMA and other domestic and foreign authorities. We also prepare expert reports/legal opinions in all insurance and liability matters.

We have extensive experience in specific specialist areas such as:

  • Insurance contract law
  • Insurance supervision law
  • Insurance broker law
  • Cyber insurance
  • Personal, property and asset insurance
  • Social security law, 2nd pillar
  • Liability law and liability insurance
  • D&O insurance
  • Product liability law
  • Medical liability
  • Insurtech solution for insurers
  • Data protection

Dr. Lucy Gordon, LL.M., coordinates the activities of the MME insurance and liability law team. She has many years of experience in insurance and liability law, both in an advisory and litigation capacity.

MME Integrated Approach

Particularly when advising (re)insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, the consideration of other legal areas is of central importance. We have specialists in other areas such as data protection law, IT law or labour law and can offer you holistic and integrated solutions.


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Portfolio transfer/asset transfer

The ongoing phase of low interest rates and the stricter capitalization requirements of the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) mean that insurers are increasingly combing their portfolios for unprofitable or capital-intensive business and, as a result, are no longer writing the unviable business (run-off). In order to reduce the technical provisions on the books, the active reduction of run-off portfolios is becoming increasingly popular. This can be done by transferring a company, a portfolio or assets. In doing so, the run-off portfolio is finally settled for the transferring insurer. Another possibility is the (retrospective) reinsurance (commutation) of the business, a purely balance sheet-related adjustment of the run-off portfolio. In the following, portfolio transfer and asset transfer will be dealt with in more detail.

Corona virus blocks air freight

Several airlines have suspended their flights to China. British Airways is currently not flying to China and will reassess the situation on 29 February 2020. Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines will fly to China for the last time on 31 January. After that, all flights will be temporarily suspended until 9 February 2020. Cathay Pacific plans to reduce flights to mainland China by up to 50% by the end of March. Further reductions and suspensions of scheduled flights must be expected. This will not only have an impact on passenger transport, but will also lead to a significant reduction in air freight to and from China. Considering that air freight is mainly used for time-sensitive and, in relation to its weight, valuable goods, these restrictions can lead to considerable problems and damage in supply chains.

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