Anti-Money Laundering

Asset Manager, Financial Intermediary, Trustees, Compliance Officer, AMLA Officer

Your goals

As a financial service institution or a company in the financial sector, you realize the importance of identifying and mitigating money laundering risks in your daily operations. You want to ensure that your AML/CTF program is robust yet takes a risk-based approach to managing compliance with applicable regulations. You look for a team that understands your business, either in the traditional financial sectors or FinTech sectors, and can help you to develop or optimize your due diligence processes. MME Legal is your Legal Counsel Office for all your AML issues.

Our services

Our AML Team looks forward to supporting you in all areas of AML compliance. In particular, our services include:

  • Preparation and application of membership with a supervisory body
  • Identification and assessment of AML risks in your company
  • Design and optimization of your AML program
  • Support in applying AML regulations to internal procedures
  • Outsourcing of compliance functions
  • Internal AML Audits and support for Audit preparation (technical, supervisory authority)
  • Compliance Review and Risk Assessment
  • Training of compliance experts, management and employees
  • Legal support to your questions of day-to-day AML compliance

MME Integrated Approach

MME’s Anti-Money Laundering Team brings together seasoned legal experts, core banking and private sector compliance managers, AML auditors who assist you in understanding and applying AML regulations for companies, start-ups in the fields of fintech and blockchain application and Compliance Officers.

We work hand-in-hand with KYC Spider, a trusted provider of identity screening and verification solutions, to provide you with a single source to manage AML compliance. Our fraud and forensic specialists can equally advise you on available methods to trace the source and destination of blockchain crypto property (cryptocurrencies) and help you design solutions using available tools.

Your team


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