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As a board director, CFO, CIO or IT manager you want to make sure that your IT systems, your products and your organisation are compliant with the data protection legislation – in Switzerland as well as throughout the EU market. A Privacy Seal confirms your compliance towards your clients. Data protection can be a competitive advantage!

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A Privacy Seal for the digital economy is awarded following a technical and legal review. The Privacy Seal confirms compliance with ePrivacyseal's criteria catalogue, which complies with German, European and Swiss data protection laws.

ePrivacyseal®. The Privacy Seal of online and mobile products is available to the following providers and products:

  • Online media technology providers
  • Mobile media technology providers
  • Cloud solutions
  • Real time and programmatic advertising platforms
  • Big data applications
  • Online behavioural advertising and targeting solutions

ePrivacyApp®. As part of ePrivacyApp, a comprehensive inspection and certification of the app with respect to the security of the data and exemplary data protection are conducted.

Privacy Seal targeting. The Privacy Seal confirms the compliance with the voluntary commitment on the basis of a comprehensive criteria catalogue of ePrivacy. This attests the applicant high quality of targeting.

OBA Certification (EDAA Trust Seal). Together with ePrivacy as an OBA Certification Provider we certify the implementation and compliance of companies within the IAB Europe OBA Framework (Online Behavioral Advertising). Companies which pass through this certification successfully, receive the Europe-wide recognized Privacy Seal "EDAA Trust Seal" of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance.

Our cooperation partners for Privacy Seals and IT security:

ePrivacy is the leading provider of Privacy Seals in Germany and Europe (

InfoGuard is the leading Swiss company for comprehensive information security and innovative network solutions. InfoGuard is a member of the Swiss "The Crypto Group", one of the biggest and most notable security specialists in Europe with over 300 employees (

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