20 December 2023

The Federal Council has awarded the casino concessions – an overview of the new casino landscape

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Continuity, new casinos, more competition in online casinos and the introduction of a casino landscape report.

On November 29, 2023, the Federal Council awarded casino concessions for the years 2025 to 2044 in 22 out of 23 zones. The Federal Council followed the proposal of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) and accepted 22 applications, divided into ten Type A and twelve Type B licenses. Existing casino operators in the zones Baden-Aarau, Basel, Bern, Berner Oberland Ost, Geneva, Fribourg, Jura, Lucerne, Lugano, Locarno, Mendrisio, Montreux, Neuchâtel, Nordbünden, Südbünden, Sarganserland, Schwyz, St. Gallen, Valais and Zurich will be allowed to continue operating their existing casinos beyond 2024. In the newly created zone Winterthur, the Federal Council accepted the application submitted by Swiss Casinos Winterthur AG. In the likewise new zone Lausanne, the Federal Council granted a concession to Project Casino Prilly AG.

The casino landscape from 2025 onwards looks as follows:


More information on the casino landscape can be found on the SFGB website.

The Federal Council also approved the extension of concessions for online casino games to twelve applicants. The supply of and competition for online casino games is therefore increasing.

Finally, the Federal Council has commissioned the FGB to draw up a report on the casino landscape. On the basis of this report, the Federal Council will reassess the overall situation in 2028 and decide how to proceed, including with regard to the concession in the zone Schaffhausen; the Federal Council has not granted a concession for the zone Schaffhausen.

The reallocation of casino concessions is final and the Federal Council's decision cannot be appealed.

Further information on this topic can be found in the Federal Council's media release.