11 July 2022

New Allocation of Casino Concessions

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As of December 31, 2024, the concessions granted for the operation of casinos and online casino games in Switzerland will run out. On April 27, 2022, the Federal Council decided to newly allocate 23 concessions (10 A-concessions and 13 B-concessions). Here is an overview over the procedure:

Concession Procedure:
From June 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022 (last submission date), concession applications may be submitted to the SFGB for the attention of the Federal Council. The SFGB will at a later point publish details of the applications and invite the siting cantons and siting municipalities to comment. Once the review of the applications has been completed, the SFGB will submit a proposal to the Federal Council for the attention of the FDJP. The Federal Council is expected to decide on the award of concessions in the fall of 2023. This decision cannot be appealed.

Concession Application:
In the application for a concession to operate a casino, the applicants must provide information about themselves, their organization, and their partnerships. In addition, they must explain how they will ensure in terrestrial gaming operations that they will meet the legal requirements and achieve the objectives of the Swiss Money Gaming Act. The same requirements apply to applications to obtain an extension of the concession to operate online gaming.

Deadlines and Costs:
The applicants can request the delivery of the application documents in editable format by e-mail (info@esbk.admin.ch).

An advance on costs is required for the processing of applications. This amounts to CHF 100'000 if the application is for a casino concession or CHF 150’000 if the application is for a concession together with a concession extension. The advance on costs paid prior to submission of the application is a prerequisite for the examination of the application by the SFGB.

Applicants must pre-register their applications (by e-mail to info@esbk.admin.ch) with the SFGB by July 15, 2022, indicating the location for which they are applying and whether they will apply for a concession extension to operate online gaming in addition to the concession.

Concession applications must be submitted to the SFGB for the attention of the Federal Council until October 31, 2022.

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