Cyber Risk Response Team

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Your goals

You’ve been the victim of a data breach, cyber-attack or fraud and need immediate legal support. You’ve lost assets, perhaps even cryptocurrencies, and you’re unsure what to do next.

The MME Cyber Risk Response Team will help you to keep a cool head and carefully weigh your options. With our holistic approach, we will ensure that you meet your obligations, respond pragmatically, and limit damage. MME offers you a solid component in your preventive Cyber Risk emergency concept and helps you to prepare or react to emergencies.

Our services

The MME Cyber Risk Response Team is ready to help you at any time. You can reach us at databreach[at] or 044 254 99 66 during office hours.

Our services include the following steps:

  • Fact-finding (MME checklists and processes)
  • First situation assessment (standardised)
  • Support with immediate measures (MME checklist: technology, organisation, communication)
  • Ransom attacks: advising victims, support with ransom payments, sanction and risk assessments (chain analysis, KYC/AML)
  • Blockchain forensic investigations & risk reporting
  • Support with making cryptocurrency / digital asset transactions (e.g. advisory on purchasing and managing Bitcoin)
  • Clarification of reporting obligations (GDPR; FINMA)
  • Switzerland: voluntary anonymous reports (MELANI; EDÖB; fedpol)
  • EU: Notifications to data protection supervisory authorities in the EU (72 hours)
  • Notification cyber attack to FINMA (72 hours)
  • International coordination (with our network World IT Lawyers)
  • Other reporting obligations (stock exchange law; administrative law, AML/sanctions)
  • Criminal charges (cantonal police; fedpol)
  • Structuring and coordination of the communication of a personal data breach to data subjects, Legal crisis management
  • Cooperation with technical partners (problem solving; preservation of evidence)
  • Cooperation with forensic partners (blockchain analysis; preservation of evidence)
  • Cooperation with public relation agencies (reputation protection; media work; hotline for customers)
  • Pursuit of claims against providers (breach of contract; damages)
  • Defence against unjustified claims (contract/liability/responsibility)
  • Handling Performance restrictions (contract performance; data gaps, compliance; e.g. stock exchange, VAT, etc.)
  • IP, know-how- and breaches of secrecy
  • Clarification of insurance issues (cyber risk insurance; liability insurance; business interruption; Silent Risk; D&O) with our insurance specialists
  • Final report and implementation of lessons learned

We offer our services as a package, which insurance companies and brokers can offer to their insurance customers. For cyber security providers, our legal services can be an important building block in emergency concepts (business continuity).

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