ICC announces record caseloads in 2020

ICC, international arbitration law


The International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) International Court of Arbitration recorded a total of 946 new arbitration cases in 2020. This is the highest number of cases registered since 2016, when a complex cluster of small disputes effectuated a marked increase in the statistics. In 2019, the ICC registered a total of 869 new arbitration cases.

Of these 946 total registered cases, a record 929 were requested under the ICC Rules of Arbitration. 17 cases were filed under the ICC Appointing Authority Rules whereby parties to an arbitration who have determined to proceed ad hoc or outside of ICC’s institutional framework can seek assistance from the ICC Court on specific case management services.

These impressive numbers – even in times of a global pandemic - reflect the continued growth and accessibility of the ICC dispute resolution offerings as well as the continued rise of arbitration as the preferred method for solving commercial cross-border disputes.

March 2021 | Authors: Dr. Jonatan Baier, Corina Moschen

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