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Supply Chain, Distribution, Logistics, Shipping, Financing, Customs

Your goals

Supply Chain

Structures Globalisation leads to complex transnational supply and distribution chains. These supply and distribution chains are usually part of multi-level international organisational structures. Contractual relationships are governed by various different national and international legal provisions. We assist you in the coordination and harmonisation of the rights and obligations throughout your supply and distribution chain and in the management and insurance of the respective risks. We can rely on internal tax-, customs-, and compliance experts, external logistic experts and a global network of specialised lawyers.

Trading, Import and Export

You are an export or import orientated business or a trading-house seeking legal advice regarding the result-orientated, performance-orientated organisation of your business. We understand your business, know the applicable legal framework and are able to advice you comprehensively in connection with your trading activities. We support you in the enforcement or defence of claims.

Logistics, Shipping and Transport

You are a freight forwarder, carrier, owner of shipping infrastructure (ships, airplanes, trains or trucks) or operator of logistic infrastructure (train-infrastructure, ports, airports). You are looking for legal advice by experts who understand your business and your concerns. We are a team of experts covering all aspects of logistics, transport and shipping law including all transport modalities. We are able to fall back on a worldwide network of experienced professionals.

Maritime Insurance

You are an insurer of maritime risks (transport risks) or you are an insured under a maritime insurance policy. We have broad experience in the representation and consulting of insurers as well as insureds in connection with insurance claims under maritime policies and regarding issues of subrogation and recourse.

Our services

Our team assists you in setting up your internal and external operational structures, in optimising your contractual framework as well as in your legal risk assessment across the supply and distribution chain and across your business activities. We assist you in the enforcement or defence of claims, may provide you legal opinions and are able to represent your interests vis-à-vis business partners, administrative authorities as well as national and arbitral courts. Based on a SWOT analysis, we seek an optimal balance between opportunities and risks.

The MME team is experienced with all aspects of logistics, distribution, transport and shipping, including:

  • International Trade and Commodities Trading
  • Supply and Distribution Structures
  • Particular Distribution Types (Leasing; Franchising; Consumer Protection Rules; General Terms and Conditions)
  • Logistics- and Carriage Contracts, Charter Agreements
  • Shipping- and Transport Law by all transport modes (maritime, inland navigation, air, road, rail)
  • Liability, Claims Management, Enforcement and Litigation
  • Maritime Insurance, Subrogation and Recourse
  • Financing, New Buildings, Sale and Purchase, Operation, Management and Insurance of Shipping Infrastructure
  • Trade Finance, Letters of Credit and Collateral Management
  • Customs and VAT
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Import and Export Compliance (Dual Use, Embargoes, Customs, Dangerous Goods, Sanctions, etc.)
  • Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Compliance

The Trade & Distribution/Logistics & Transport Team of MME is headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer and Raphael Brunner.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer has long-term experience as consultant and litigator in shipping matters. As professor at the University of Lucerne he is founder and head of the Center for Logistics and Transport Law (KOLT). He is author of countless books and articles and co-founder of the Transport Law Commission of the Swiss Shippers’ Council (SSC). He organises the annual transport and logistics law conference in Lucerne.

Raphael Brunner accomplished an LL.M. degree in Shipping und Trade Law at the University of Cape Town and is a longterm practitioner in international logistics and shipping matters. He regularly publishes in scientific journals and series of publications and is an appreciated speaker on legal aspects of shipping.

Dr. Juana Vasella practises and publishes in the laws of transport, logistics and distribution as well as trade compliance. She is the co-director of the KOLT, a postdoc and a lecturer at the University of Lucerne where she is working on a habilitation project.

Together with Dr. Martin Eckert, Dr. Andreas Glarner and Dr. Alexandra Körner we are able to provide all-embracing solutions for all issues in relation to logistics, distribution, transport and shipping.