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Founders' Spirit

The past counts if it is relevant for the future.

It is not only growing successes, clever strategic decisions or its history that hold a company together. It is its DNA, which is created from the individual qualifications and professional skills of its different players. From skills that complement each other, that move a company and distinguish it - over many years, varying framework conditions, challenges, across social and economic changes.

MME was founded in 1999 as a law firm, in a short time period and in a concentrated action – at the same time at two locations and by three people. Their bond still forms the basis of a special corporate culture today.

The three founders Bernhard F. Meyer, Luka Müller and Martin Eckert were united by trust, curiosity, a willingness to take risks and a feeling for the power of technical innovations. A clear technical positioning, legal creativity and the ability to establish a culture of innovation that allows leeway rather than controls formed the core of their shared entrepreneurial development story from the very beginning. All of this has coalesced into a unique selling proposition.

In 2015, MME reinvented itself once again by establishing a tax department. This transformed the former commercial law firm into an integrated consulting firm for legal, tax and compliance. The fundamental strategic repositioning was accompanied by new structures and a professionalisation of the operational organisation, while the market focus remained consistently on future-oriented topics. Today, as one of the most successful integrated consulting firms in Switzerland, MME supports its clients in all legal, tax and regulatory challenges.

The driving force behind this is still the «MME Spirit», a corporate culture in which staff assume joint responsibility and help shape the future of the company with foresight.

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