Transfer Pricing

Business models, documentation, database studies, risk management, transfer pricing guidelines, valuations

Your goals

The globalization of the economy inevitably leads to worldwide investments and, as a result, to an increasing number of intra-group transactions. Entrepreneurs are striving to optimize their business model while meeting complex documentation requirements. Besides, they would like to avoid any double taxations and expose their value chain to the lowest possible liquidity burden. These goals can be achieved through tailor-made transfer pricing solutions that are in line with the business activities and objectives of the company. In this context, it is essential to monitor the constant new developments at OECD and EU level.

Our services

We support you in developing a robust business model tailored to your company. Supported by meaningful transfer pricing documentation and database studies, we reduce the risk of add-backs in tax audits. Should they nevertheless attack the transfer prices agreed in your MNE group, we will support you with the appropriate defence. Further, we support you in bindingly regulating the transfer pricing policies within your MNE group in advance through tax rulings and Advance Pricing Agreements with the corresponding tax authorities.

We offer you a diverse range of transfer pricing services:

  • Development and optimization of the business model
  • Inter-company agreements
  • Fulfilment of documentation requirements (especially CbCR and the preparation of master and local files)
  • Database studies
  • Support during tax audits
  • Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP)
  • Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)
  • Business Restructurings
  • Training of Board Members (C-Level)

MME Integrated Approach

We are convinced that transfer pricing advice does not only consist of the fulfilment of documentation requirements but goes far beyond that. Hence, the preparation and conclusion of intra-company agreements is just as much a part of transfer pricing advice as to the correct customs clearance of your products and the examination of export restrictions. MME sees itself as a holistic consulting company that offers interdisciplinary services quickly and efficiently. Thanks to established worldwide connections to renowned law firms and specialists, we answer your global questions competently, reliably, and quickly.

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