Corporate Tax

Tax Planning, Tax Function Management, Transactions, Transfer Pricing

Your goals

Swiss-based enterprises and business branches are subject to different types of taxation. Depending on the specific patterns and activities of your business, your tax liability can range over several cantons. Tax matters can be clarified with tax authorities by means of tax rulings. Our clients seek first-class, cost-effective management of their compliance duties, taking into account both local and international planning opportunities.

Our services

  • Tax planning (income tax, stamp duties, withholding tax, VAT, customs)
  • Tax function management support
  • Tax risk management support (internal transparency)
  • Tax rulings
  • Expert opinions and second opinions
  • Tax proceedings, tax audits
  • Tax accounting support
  • IP / Financing
  • Compliance outsourcing
  • Preparation of tax returns, including deadlines
  • Transfer prices (TP policy)
  • Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III
  • Mergers, acquisitions and transactions
  • Migration and relocation of functions

MME Integrated Approach

MME aims to provide clients with holistic solutions that factor in all relevant international developments. The changing global tax landscape urges board members to take care of tax matters from the top down, via corporate governance. Thanks to the integration of commercial law and compliance specialists on the MME tax team, we can ensure that tax and commercial law matters are properly aligned and that your enterprise is fully aware of tax and legal compliance regulations.