Crypto Asset Estate Planning

Crypto assets in the estate

Crypto assets in the estate: how and to whom are crypto assets bequeathed? How can the heirs' access to the crypto assets be ensured? What happens to crypto assets in case of loss of capacity of judgement and what impact do crypto asset gifts have on the future estate?

In the current edition of the magazine successio (3/2021), Alexandra Geiger, Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law, and Stefan Keller, outline how crypto currencies are legally classified and why they are to be qualified as (inheritable) assets within the meaning of the Swiss Civil Code. Furthermore, the focus of the article is on selected legal and practical questions in connection with the handling of crypto assets in estate planning and administration.

Read the full article link here (PDF, 1.0 Mb)(in German).

September 2021 | Authors: Alexandra Geiger, Stefan Keller

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