03 November 2023

MME is a pioneer in providing legal, tax and compliance advice on sustainability.

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MME is the first Swiss law firm to publish a sustainability report based on the GRI reporting standard

MME is a pioneer in providing legal, tax and compliance advice on sustainability. Not only do we advise our clients with the highest level of professionalism, as a company we are also committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the UN Development Goals (SDG).

What we advise our clients naturally also applies to us: if you take ESG seriously, you have to set goals, be transparent and be measured.

By law, we are not obliged to publish a report on the non-financial issues of our company, since as an SME we do not qualify as a company of public interest (Art. 964a CO).

But MME also wants to lead the way in reporting. With our know-how, we want to make an active contribution to the environment and to society as an ESG pioneer. For this reason, we have decided to be the first law firm in Switzerland to publish an ESG report.

So we know not only theoretically but also practically what it means to prepare an ESG report. We have set the bar high and applied the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting standard.

The aim of the report is to enable us to account for our efforts internally (partnership and employees) and externally (customers, suppliers and the public) and to enable us to enter into a dialog with our partners.

ESG is not just a compliance issue (reporting and due diligence requirements). Rather, ESG is a strategic challenge for all sectors, especially in light of the energy transition across Europe.

However, we are convinced that the topic of sustainability does not only entail risks, but above all also offers opportunities. For many large but also for small companies, an important differentiator will be how they plan, implement and communicate their sustainability efforts. This is where we want to accompany and support our clients.

MME wants to be a role model in the field of ESG. And we are also a bit proud of what we have already achieved. But we are not standing still. We have also set ourselves ambitious goals for the coming years.

Please find more details about ESG at MME in our ESG Hub. 


MME Sustainability Report 2022 (German only)

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