06 May 2020

MME Digital Concierge

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MME is your digital legal concierge and brings you securely into the digital legal space: qualified electronic signatures, digital signing room, electronic filing of legal documents, digital general meetings, digital share platform, etc.

MME offers the legal and technical carefree package for digital signatures at the highest level (QES-based).

Your advantages:

  • Legal Security: elimination of legal clarifications regarding the validity of signatures
  • Fast and independent of location: Elimination of complicated paper-based pro-cesses (also within board of directors)
  • Low priced: Elimination of postal and courier costs
  • Convenient: Signing by use of mobile phone
  • Swiss technology: Powered by Swisscom
  • Agile: Your basis for the digitalization of the company
  • Within budget: Flat fee for your company 


What does MME offer you?

  • Onboarding: MME organises qualified electronic signatures (QES) for authorised signatories - as simply as possible.
  • Signing & Verification: MME organises the digital signing of your contracts and documents - you sign with your mobile, regardless of time and place. MME ensures legal security and validates the signatures of the counterparties.
  • Processes: MME organises electronic submissions to authorities and courts, digital general meeting, digital share platform, etc.

How do you and your company gain access to digital signatures (qualified electronic signatures; QES)?

As a leading digital consultancy in the areas of legal, tax and compliance, MME, as the Registration Authority Agency for Swisscom, is responsible for the identifica-tion process that natural persons must undergo before they can have qualified electronic signatures created by Swisscom.

MME organises onboarding and identification via the platform

  • on site at MME through MME notaries/lawyers
  • on site at the customer's premises (through MME notaries/lawyers)
  • Video identification [in process]
  • BankIdent [in process]

How are contracts and documents signed digitally?

MME offers an all-round service:

  • You provide MME with the document (by email, etc.) (contract, protocol, etc.)
  • MME provides all signatures that are required to be included in the document (Signing Room)
  • MME takes care of the validation and legal validity of the signatures (includ-ing commercial register check)
  • MME delivers or saves the signed document.
  • 2 memory variants: Deletion within 48 hours or storage by MME (separate storage service)

What other services does the digital concierge offer?

MME organises electronic submissions to authorities and courts (so-called eGov enrolment via certified delivery platforms)

MME organises digital general meetings from A-Z: from the digital invitation in the correct form to the electronic registration in the commercial register

MME arranges access to the digital share platform ""Daura"". In this way, corporate law processes can be digitalised:

  • Digital share register: always up-to-date!
  • Digital capital increase: fast and cheap
  • Incentive-Platform: employee shares
  • Access to the Daura investment platform

We are at your disposal with pleasure!