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Artificial Intelligence

Maximize the potential of artificial intelligence. We guide you through the legal framework.

Artificial intelligence («AI») has the potential to enhance the competitiveness of businesses. It can contribute to developing innovative solutions and advancing research. However, as with any new technology, there are also challenges. We guide you through the regulatory landscape and assist you in mitigating risks.

In Switzerland there is, so far, no unified regulatory framework for artificial intelligence. Instead, legal aspects can be attributed to various complex areas (data protection law, data security/IT security, confidentiality obligations (professional secrecy obligations, banking secrecy, contractual confidentiality obligations, etc.), trade secret protection, intellectual property rights, especially copyrights), transparency obligations, non-discrimination.

Additionally, the EU's AI Act or other EU or international legal acts may be relevant, as well as sector-specific regulations, guidelines, or codes of conduct, etc.

We support you in navigating the legal challenges of your AI projects and provide pragmatic recommendations for action.


  • AI Workshop for Swiss Companies
  • Creation of AI Guidelines
  • Strategic AI Consulting Services
  • Advise on the Development of AI Systems/Models
  • Advise on Implementation and Deployment of AI in the Company
  • Assessing Liability Risks and Mitigating Risks
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Data Protection
  • Copyright
  • Protection of Trade Secrets
  • AI Training Sessions