Cyberrisk Security

Cyber Incident Response Retainer

Are you and your company prepared for a cyberattack? Whom do you call in case of emergency?

A cyberattack can strike at any time. During an attack, every minute counts. To avoid losing time in a crisis, MME offers an Incident Retainer, ensuring that you can prepare for a potential attack and have our resources available at a reduced hourly rate. Our Incident Response Retainer is the ideal solution for being prepared to act quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

What does the MME Incident Response Retainer include and cost?

1. In a kick-off meeting (onboarding workshop for a fixed price), the following points will be clarified:

  • Joint analysis of the situation (risks, customer structure, IT landscape, emergency plan, contractual relationships, insurances)
  • Basic analysis of reporting obligations
  • Integration of MME Cyber Response Team into the emergency plan and task force
  • Determination of communication channels

2. For an annual flat fee, we offer the following:

  • Annual review and updating of agreed emergency measures (1.5 hours)
  • Assurance of resources from the MME Cyber Incident Response Team (with SLA for response time; if desired, 7x24)
  • 10% discount on standard hourly rates in the event of an incident

We also offer a combined Incident Retainer in collaboration with InfoGuard AG, a leading Swiss company in cybersecurity, which ensures both technical and legal expertise. Click HERE to read more.


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