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Dual Use, Customs, Dangerous Goods, Sanctions, Product Safety, Embargoes, Military, ICP

Your goals

Cross-border trade has become increasingly complex due to the ever-stricter regulatory requirements enacted by various jurisdictions to be complied with. Potentially, such regulations may even unfold extra-territorial effect. Companies are subject to an increasing number of requirements resulting from legal regulation, technical standards and extensive contracts. Corresponding challenges may vary daily, e.g. in the area of technical standards, dangerous goods, embargoes and sanctions, export control (dual use, war material), customs regulations or product safety. Violations of applicable regulations may not only result in financial losses but may also provide for a risk of criminal conviction. Companies, as well as responsible individuals are thus exposed to a substantial risk: you want to assess and manage these risks by adapting processes, implementing suitable systems and a lean and efficient organisation; you want to clarify a critical situation or see yourself exposed to measures by authorities and want to have your interests represented in these proceedings.

Our services

The MME Trade Compliance and Export Control Team supports you in risk assessments and in implementing suitable measures to ensure compliance with Swiss and international regulations. The MME team, consisting of lawyers, tax, compliance and customs experts, can be amended at any time by affiliated specialists and experts (e.g. logistics experts, chemists, engineers) and partners from other jurisdictions. With these cooperations, MME Compliance offers Swiss companies advice as a One-Stop Shop for all issues relating to compliance in international cross-border trade, including all relevant extraterritorial export control regimes, in particular those of the EU and the USA.

  • Risk and gap assessments
  • Development and implementation of compliance procedures
  • Consulting on the operational implementation of due diligence obligations
  • Development of an ICP (Internal Compliance Program)
  • Training of experts, management and employees
  • Training on export control, sanctions, embargoes, dual use, ITAR
  • External compliance functions: audits / specialist unit / Compliance Officer functions
  • Compliance research and case-based risk assessment
  • Technical testing and classification of products
  • Classification (HS, ECCN)
  • Sanction list check (customers, suppliers, employees)
  • License applications / license management
  • Export control due diligence in M&A transactions
  • Clarification of concrete facts
  • Investigations with authorities (CH, EU, US)
  • Accompaniment during official investigations and proceedings

Our counselling covers the following areas in particular:

  • Dual use
  • Sanctions / embargoes (persons, goods and payment transactions)
  • Customs
  • Technical standards
  • Product safety
  • Dangerous goods / chemicals ordinance / REACH
  • PEP clarification
  • Anti-money-laundering (AML) / anti-corruption / production conditions
  • Certifications / certification procedures

MME Integrated Approach

With our integrated consulting approach (legal, tax, compliance), we also support your projects with legal (distribution, trade, transport, logistics, contract law, corporate law, etc.), tax (including VAT, customs, transfer pricing) and other compliance (data protection compliance, cyber risk compliance, regulatory compliance) competencies. By virtue of the well-rehearsed cooperation with specialists from the MME legal and tax teams, we can offer you integral solutions that also take account of current developments in neighboring areas.

Client Feedback

“MME not only provided guidance on data collection and evaluation, but actively supported the team in data analysis and talks with suppliers and other third parties. Management values the output of the exercise and we are committed to taking the next steps based on the comprehensive project findings.”

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