Individual Tax

Business Owners, High Networth Individuals, Lump Sum Taxation, Expatriates, Employee Stock Option Plans

Your goals

You would like to optimize your personal situation from a tax and social security point of view, considering the impact on your business, your investments and/or on your employer.

Our services

  • Tax advise for business owners and HNI
  • Obtaining tax rulings regarding lump sum taxation
  • Advising Employers and Employees in the course of international assignments
  • Assessment of variable salary components (e.g. ESOP)
  • Consulting on tax residency matters as well as on inter-cantonal and international tax allocations
  • Supporting Family Offices in tax and social security issues as well as in tax administration matters 
  • Tax Compliance
  • Advising regarding crypto currencies and tokens

MME Integrated Approach

Our solutions will not only cover core tax and social security issues but will be sustainable from any corporate and civil law point of view, too.

Your team