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E-Payment, Crypto Currency, E-Commerce, E-Money, Online-Services

Your goals

Online services and Internet-based business models are a vital part of today’s global economy. Because of fast-changing technologies, regulations regularly become outdated and overstrained. For your projects, you require a legal consultancy that offers technical expertise, creative solutions and a strong international network.

Our services

MME can support you in planning and successfully implementing your Internet projects. Our team has extensive experience in

We consult the largest provider of e-payment and e-transaction services and are heavily involved in the crypto currency business, serving as a consultancy for miners, developers, exchange platforms, wallet providers, etc. Together with the leading companies in this field, we establish the standard code of conduct.

MME is proud to be the only Swiss member of World IT Lawyers ( and of a network of specialists in crypto currency law. These international networks enable us to provide efficient cross-border service on the leading edge of the digital economy.

MME Integrated Approach

With the integration of compliance, competition, financial regulation, anti money laundering (AML), IT and tax specialists in our digital economy team, we ensure clients a holistic approach to their business challenges.


  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer,

    Dr. Andreas Glarner,

    Thomas Linder,

    Dr. Luka Müller

    Die Rechtswirkung algorithmisch abgewickelter DLT-Transaktionen


  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer,

    Peter Henschel

    Exportkontrolle und Digitalisierung durch Blockchain und Smart Contracts


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