Tax Governance

Risk Management, Outsourcing, Transparency, Exchange of Information

Your goals

Enterprises have recurring and ad hoc tax governance duties, both locally and internationally. As a rule, these duties are steadily increasing. To avoid tax fines due to the lack of tax governance, businesses need a centralised control system. However, the trend toward increasingly complex compliance duties is not only an administrative burden — it also opens up tax planning opportunities. Tax governance is also important in order to fulfill increased AML obligations.

Our services

  • Tax governance management support
  • Compliance outsourcing
  • Tax tools support
  • Preparation of tax returns, including deadlines
  • Registrations & compliance in Switzerland and abroad; clarification of foreign VAT liabilities with risk analysis; fiscal representative
  • SOX compliance
  • Customs compliance and export control
  • Customs procedure and  tariff classification
  • Origin of goods and preferential rules
  • Calculation of tax provisions
  • Documentation requirements

MME Integrated Approach

MME can support your enterprise in all tax compliance matters. The centralised control of a group’s tax compliance obligations promotes internal transparency and constitutes an important part of a sustainable tax risk management policy. This policy, together with a clearly defined tax strategy, is central to a modern approach to tax governance.