Tax Controversy

Representation in Tax Matters, Expert Opinions, Second Opinions, Advance Tax Rulings

Your goals

Experienced and competent representation is necessary in the context of tax assessments, tax audits and tax appeals. Taxes are a substantial part of the expenses of any enterprise, and effective tax rate fluctuations are not welcomed. The clarification of business reorganisations and transactions by means of advance tax rulings provides for planning certainty and avoids unexpected consequences within the tax assessment process.

Our services

  • Drafting of advance tax rulings in all tax matters (on Swiss federal and cantonal levels)
  • Expert opinions ans second opinions
  • Review of existing tax rulings, taking into account the spontaneous exchange of rulings
  • Support for tax audits
  • Representation in tax proceedings

MME Integrated Approach

MME’s litigation team provides expert, integrated legal support for the MME tax team.