Tax Accounting & Reporting

Annual Accounts, Tax Risks, Provisions, Deferred Taxes, Processes

Your goals

Taxes are an important part of the financial performance of a company. Therefore, they are subject to substantial disclosure rules and are more and more in the public eye. As a result, companies are dependent on an efficient and correct process for the calculation and disclosure of the tax expense for the purposes of the quarterly or annual accounts, and on transparency about their global tax positions and risks. With that, tax risks can be identified early and qualified in a efficient and correct manner as part of the corporate governance. The targeted optimization of the tax processes and the improvement of the data and system efficiency results in a faster and more flexible reaction to changes in the local tax legislation and practice.

Our services

  • Assistance with the quarterly and annual calculation of the provisions for current and deferred taxes
  • Identification and qualification of tax risks and assistance with their controlling, monitoring and elimination
  • Tax tools support in order to optimize tax processes and to improve data and system efficiency
  • Implementation of new accounting standards according to IFRS and/or local GAAP
  • IT system integrations and implementation for VAT and Customs purposes
  • Assistance with technical questions and tailor-made training sessions

MME Integrated Approach

For companies with international activities, Tax Accounting & Reporting is part of a modern corporate governance function. Therefore, it is a requirement to get internal transparency about the tax positions of a group and to assure their correct disclosure in the quarterly and annual accounts for the attention of the shareholders. It is our goal that due to our assistance the responsible people in the tax and finance function can focus more on other important topics, but also improve their technical skills in order to use efficiently the existing resources in the company and to accordingly minimize errors.

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