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Business Model, International Tax Planning, Valuations, Project Management

Your goals

Globalisation and the penetration of new markets lead to the relocation of business activities and functions to Switzerland (inbound) and to other countries (outbound). Although operational considerations are the primary concerns, the profitability of such undertakings can be increased by a properly aligned tax strategy. It is equally important to ensure that cross-border transfers of business activities do not trigger adverse tax consequences, reducing both profitability and competitiveness. In addition, given the current international tax environment, investments must be underpinned by sufficient operational substance. To meet these complex requirements, projects involving multiple jurisdictions need to be managedby multidisciplinary teams which are coordinated by experienced project managers.

Our services

  • Tax optimisation by adapting the business model (for example, value chain management)
  • Location evaluation
  • Negotiation of tax rulings and tax holidays
  • Expert opinions and second opinions
  • International tax law
  • Corporate tax law
  • Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III
  • VAT and customs
  • Mergers, acquisitions and transactions
  • Intellectual property and financing
  • Tax compliance

MME Integrated Approach

The relocation or transfer of functions raises many commercial law and compliance questions. Internal and third-party contracts must be negotiated and concluded again, and work and residence permits must be obtained for newly created or transferred jobs. 

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