International Tax Law

Double Tax Treaties, International Developments, Tax Optimisation

Your goals

Many Swiss enterprises do business abroad. Production, distribution and R&D activities are outsourced; new markets are penetrated; existing sales channels are realigned. Employees are often sent to foreign jurisdictions to work on a project or construction job. In addition, mergers, acquisitions and business reorganisations provide synergies and planning opportunities. On the other hand, international developments such as BEPS (base erosion and profit shifting) and the EU Action Plan require careful and wise actions to protect a group’s reputation. 

Our services

  • Tax optimisation by preventing double taxation, minimising withholding tax, optimising the flat rate tax credit, adapting the business model (value chain management)
  • Corporate tax governance advice (tax policy, tax function management)
  • Optimisation of financing (cash pools, treasury centres) and intellectual property structures
  • Tax rulings
  • Transfer prices (TP policy)
  • VAT and customs
  • Support for APA and MAP
  • Migration and relocation of functions
  • Corporate tax law
  • Mergers, acquisitions and transactions
  • Tax compliance

MME Integrated Approach

International tax law is a cross-border discipline which requires extensive experience and creativity. However, the operational reality of an international group should always be reflected in its tax structure. In addition, increasingly complex compliance requirements (trade compliance, for example) should be considered when entering new markets.