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The European Commission has recently updated its Tool for e-Commerce business. Their goal is to assist and guide small and medium size companies in setting up online business.

The tool is available only in English and deals with the following topics:

  • How can I protect my business idea?
  • How can I secure my website?
  • What should I do when setting up a web shop?
  • How do I make sure that I comply with personal data protection rules?
  • How do I promote my activities while complying with the law?
  • How to make sure my contract complies with the law and is «bullet-proof»?
  • What should I know about online payments?
  • How can I comply with VAT obligations?
  • What should I know about delivery services?
  • What do I need to know about the after-sales process?

The tool is available under: Go to the tool

If a Swiss web shop targets customers located in the EU, the tool is helpful because EU law is applicable (EU consumer protection).

More information:

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