Swiss SECO publishes Dual-Use list update 2020

Swiss SECO publishes Dual-Use list update 2020 with few correction and several changes on specific ECCNs.

Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs SECO has published an updated version of the Annexes 1-2 of the Goods Control Ordinance («goods control lists») coming into force 01.01.2020.


Summary of the adaptation of Annex 1-2 of the Goods Control Ordinance (GKV; SR 946.202.1) based on the decisions of the international export control regime (1.1.2020)

The majority of the changes result from the modifications agreed in the Wassenaar Arrangement, including the following:

  • New Release Note for Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Open Cell Foam Materials (1C001)
  • Change in controls for a transmission tool machine tool having a cascaded structure for control criteria (2B003)
  • New local definition of the measuring range for linear encoders (2B006b1)
  • Modification of the control entry for digital-to-analog converters to avoid overlapping of the controls (3A001a5b)
  • New entry for "other" discrete microwave transistors (3A001b3f)
  • New entry for signal generators with specified 'high frequency modulation bandwidths' (3A002d5)
  • Changes in multi-layer mask controls (3B001h) 
  • New entry for software to restore the operation of microcomponents/microprocessors after an interruption by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or electrostatic discharge (ESD) (3D005)
  • New release note for "Information Security" specifically designed for a "Networked Civil Application" (5A002)
  • Modification for cryptographic activation tokens, including a technical note for the local definition of "cryptographic activation tokens" (5A002)
  • Modification for hydrophones operating for more than 1000 m (6A001a2a6)
  • New Note 6 for lasers defining single transverse mode and multiple transverse mode (6A005)
  • New entry for masks and reticles for optical sensors (6B002)
  • Modification of the controls for underwater submersibles (8A001c)
  • New entry for Air Launch platforms for spacecraft (9A004g)
  • Deletion of entry for diffusion welding technology for components of gas turbine engines (9E003a7) 

Some changes result from modifications agreed in the framework of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), including

  • Change of acronym for "CEP" ("Circular Error Probable") (7A103.c)
  • Change in control entry for detonation engines (9A111)

Other adjustments included significant editorial changes to adjust controls and the correction of minor errors.

Source: State Secretary for Economic Affairs


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November 2019 | Authors: Peter Henschel, Andreas Furrer, Raphael Brunner, Chris Gschwend, Karl Fässler, Anna Wehrmüller

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