Revision of the Swiss Copyright Law: Federal Council released draft

Copyright Law, Revision

Bern, 11.12.2015 - The Federal Council wants to modernize the copyright. Among others, more efficient measures against internet piracy shall be introduced without criminalizing the user. In addition, the statutory provisions on the latest technological developments are to be adjusted. The proposed amendment of the Copyright Law (URG), which has been released for consultation on December 11th 2015, is based on the recommendations of the Working Group on Copyright (AGUR12). Parallel to this presentation, two treaties of the World organization have been sent for consultation Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The draft revision of the Copyright Law aims at balancing the diverse interests of the cul-tural sector, the cultural industry, the users of copyrighted works and the consumers in general. The revised legislation proposed by the Swiss Federal Council is now in consul-tation (until March 31th 2016). The purpose of the consultation is to check the acceptance of the planned revision and conduct amendments prior to releasing it to the Parliament for deliberation. Accordingly, it is not clear yet which of the proposed changes Switzerland will finally adopt. It seems unlikely that a revised law will enter into force prior to 2018.

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  • Guiding statement to the draft (PDF, German)
  • Draft Copyright Law (PDF, German)

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