Recording of working time – new regulations enter into force on 1 January 2016

Recording of working time, Regulations

The obligation to record working time has been a much-debated topic in Switzerland for some time already. Due to enhanced controls by the labour inspectorates, the general obligation to precisely record working hours became the focus of public attention. At the same time, the Swiss National parliament was seeking for an adjustment of this obligation to the realities of the economy. After lengthy discussion between the social partners, the Swiss Federal Council entered an amendment to the Labour Ordinance into force on 1 January 2016 (ArGV 1; SR 822.111). Unfortunately, the amendment was no real adjustment of the cumbersome obligation to the realities of the economy. As will be shown hereafter, the amendment of said ordinance did not bring any alleviation.

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Speech by Michèle Stutz at the "ZAV Fachgruppensitzung Arbeitsrecht" of March 7, 2017 (in German) (PDF, 492 Kb)

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