New general conditions for Belgian road hauliers

Conditions for transport by road

Recently, the new general conditions (the Conditions) of the three Belgian hauliers federations (FEBETRA, TLV and UPTR) representing 95% of all Belgian road hauliers were presented in Brussels.

The Conditions are drafted as contracts of carriage which are complementary to the imperative clauses of the CMR-convention. They are to be used by hauliers and carriers but not by freight forwarders and forwarding agents. The Conditions figure on all CMR-waybills, emitted by the mentioned federations and distributed amongst their member-hauliers. They will apply in the contractual relationship with Belgian hauliers for national and international transport as far as they are not conflicting with imperative national law.

In case of any dispute between the parties, the courts of the district where the carrier’s registered office is established will have jurisdiction, without prejudice to the application of art. 31 par. 1 of the CMR Convention. Belgian law will apply.

You can find a copy of the conditions in English, German or French on the following links: 

General Terms and Conditions for Transport by Road

Allgemeine Bedingungen für Beförderung im Strassenverkehr

Conditions Générales pour le transport par route

Together with our Belgian co-operation partner, we will be pleased to give you advise regarding these new Conditions and contractual relationships with Belgian hauliers.

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