Liberalisation of ethanol market as of 01.01.2019

Ordinances on alcohol law

With the ordinances on the Alcohol Act passed today, the Federal Council is creating the conditions for abolishing the federal monopoly in the ethanol market. This will be liberalised as of 1 January 2019. From then on it will in principle be possible for everyone to import ethanol (industrial alcohol).

Currently, practically all industrial alcohol consumed in Switzerland is imported from abroad. CHF 60 million from the equity capital of the Federal Alcohol Board (FAB) will be used to finance the federal contribution to old-age, survivors' and disability insurance. The FAB was organisationally integrated into the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) on 1 January 2018. Since then, its tasks have been performed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Division of the FCA, based in Delsberg.

September 2018 | Author: Karl Fässler