Handbuch Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit - Germany - Austria - Switzerland

Institutional Arbitration, Swiss Rules, Article by Bernhard Meyer und Dominik Vock

The "Handbuch Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit" is a standard legal book for German-speaking arbitration practitioners. In this book, all stages of the arbitration procedure are described in a practice-oriented manner; from the appointment of the arbitrators to the challenge of an arbitral award as well as its enforcement. This standard work has now been published in a second edition, which shows the important developments in national and international arbitration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The handbook also includes a chapter about the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration ("Swiss Rules") written by Bernhard Meyer and Dominik Vock. These authors have comprehensively revised and updated their article for this new edition.

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* Dr. Bernhard Meyer | Dr. Dominik Vock

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