Federal Council for administrative assistance in customs area with US

Indirect taxation, International administrative cooperation for customs, Customs procedure

A consultation was carried out on a draft mutual administrative assistance agreement in the customs area with the US in 2017. The Federal Council took note of the results and decided on the next steps during its meeting on 5 September 2018. The draft agreement in its present form is rejected or at least viewed critically by most business associations and seven cantons. The Federal Council has nevertheless decided to continue the negotiations provided the Foreign Affairs Committees agree to an adjusted negotiation mandate.

In doing so, it was guided by the following considerations: secure supply chains are very important for the international movement of goods. Such supply chains are associated with controls unless there are agreements between the individual states on the mutual recognition of customs security measures which provide for simpler controls. Both Switzerland and the US are familiar with such measures (authorised economic operator or Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

Please see more details of the Swiss Federal Customs administration here.

September 2018