Data Centre Risk Index 2016 – Switzerland top

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Switzerland wins bronze medal in Cusham & Wakefields global Data Centre Risk Index 2016 (PDF, 6.2 Mb) (after Iceland and Norway). The index measures the following criteria: energy – electricity (cost per KH), international bandwidth (megabyte per s), ease of doing business, corporation tax, political stability, share of renewables in total energy supply (%), world risk assessment vulnerability and coping capacity (natural disaster / economic & political challenges in urban areas), energy security, GDP per capita, water availability.

Switzerland offers not only a low risk environment, it has further advantages that are often crucial for senior decision making when considering global/EMEA investment and deployment activities:

  • Latency: Switzerland is positioned in the very heart of Europe/EMEA. Less than 30 ms latency and 2 hours’ flight time from most major European cities.
  • Data Protection: In Switzerland, privacy and data protection have a longstanding tradition and are respected both by law and in practice. Judicial aid is granted restrictively. Data stored by a Swiss company in Switzerland is therefore well protected.

Read more: After PRISM – Switzerland as Preferred Location for Data Centers and Cloud Services (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

* Dr. Martin Eckert

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