Consultation on the Swiss tonnage tax opened

On February 24, 2021, the Federal Council opened the consultation procedure on the federal law on tonnage tax on seagoing vessels. The introduction of the tonnage tax would ensure Switzerland's competitiveness in this area. In addition, the tonnage tax is a globally accepted instrument for promoting international shipping. Under the tonnage tax system, the profit of qualifying shipping companies is determined as a lump sum based on cargo volume (net tonnage). In addition, the tax is intended to favor ecologically advantageous ships. The federal government does not provide any information on the expected loss of tax revenues. However, based on experience in other countries, it can be assumed that the introduction of the tonnage tax will have a positive effect on the industry and is therefore likely to increase tax revenues in the medium to long term.

We will keep you informed about the outcome of the consultation and a possible implementation.

February 2021 | Authors: Dr. Samuel Bussmann, Joel Bernhard

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