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"Blockchain" is one of the current buzzwords in business-related technology of industry 4.0. However, are you really ready to discuss opportunities and use-cases for your business in detail? And do you understand all complex legal, tax and compliance implications of the digital transformation of business processes?

MME is the top advisory firm in Switzerland for Blockchain and Digital Economy. Our clients range from established international institutions to some of the world's most innovative startups with the potential to become market disrupters. We have set-up a team of IT, banking, tax and AML experts jointly providing solutions and expertise for blockchain projects. New technologies are part of our daily business. This assures that our legal expertise is combined with a thorough technical understanding of the technology underlying our client's business models.

Please let us share our experience with you! Based on your needs, we will set-up a tailor-made offer together with our technology partners, ranging from a one hour meeting to a multi-day workshop.

Choose from the following modules and topics:

  • Technology: What is the blockchain? How does it work?
  • Business Model: What are the use-cases of blockchain technology? How can it support the traditional economy?
  • Legal: What are the challenges of the blockchain technology from a legal point of view? What are smart contracts? What about data protection?
  • Tax: What are the tax consequences of blockchain transactions?
  • Compliance: What are the regulatory aspects of such transactions (e.g. anti-money laundering, banking, KYC, etc.)

The target audience are executives, leaders and decision makers who want to discover the blockchain business capabilities.

The workshop can be held at your facilities or at the MME offices. Please contact Peter Henschel at +41 41 726 93 32 or by e-mail in order to share your requirements and expectations with us.

We are looking forward to fruitful discussions!

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