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Insolvency proceedings can quickly become complex, especially when they have a foreign connection. You can rely on the competent service of our insolvency team to advise you and represent your interests.

Our insolvency, tax and restructuring teams support you in out-of-court debt restructuring as well as in court proceedings such as insolvency proceedings and standstill agreements.

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MME represents creditors’ interests in complicated insolvency procedures and in enforcement matters, including enforcing claims against assets located in Switzerland. In addition, we support foreign debtors when launching and coordinating parallel and ancillary proceedings under Swiss insolvency law.

We have extensive experience in the restructuring of companies, which also involve questions of corporate law and tax law. In cooperation with MME tax and transaction specialists, we provide an unrivalled integrated approach.

Our restructuring and insolvency team is coordinated by Dr. Dominik Vock. He regularly represents debtors’ and creditors’ interests in national and international insolvency cases.

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