Public Procurement Law

Subordination, Contract award procedure, Tender documents, Offer, Complaint procedure, Conclusion of contract

Your goals

As a contracting authority, you are interested in ensuring a procurement procedure that is fair and transparent, guarantees genuine competition, makes efficient use of (public) financial resources and, including the award decision, is accepted by the participants.

As a supplier, you expect to be informed transparently and correctly about the contract and the contract award procedure, and you want to ensure that your bid is complete, clear and on time. You expect the contracting authority to treat you equally with regard to competitors and to protect your statutory rights.

Our services

We support public and private contracting authorities as well as suppliers at every stage of the procurement process, namely in connection with

  • Subordination inquiries (subjective and objective scope)
  • Preparation of tenders (supplier profile, tender profile)
  • Preparation of tender documents (clear selection and award criteria)
  • Advice on the preparation of an offer
  • Assistance in the tendering procedure (open, free, selective and invitation procedure)
  • Support in drafting orders (such as award, cancellation, exclusion)
  • Representation in appeal proceedings
  • Contract drafting
  • Data protection

MME Integrated Approach

With our integrated consulting approach (Legal | Tax | Compliance), we offer our clients comprehensive support for their projects also in tax matters (including value added tax, customs, transfer pricing) and in compliance issues (data protection compliance, cyber risk compliance, regulatory compliance, trade compliance). Thanks to our well-rehearsed cooperation with MME experts from the tax and compliance teams, we can offer you comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Your team


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