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Your goals

Digitalisation is on your agenda. As CIO, you strive to optimize IT contracts and to protect innovation and data. You are looking for experts who understand your business and deliver market proven solutions at a national and international level.

Our services

Our experts have extensive experience advising companies in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, finance and telecommunications sectors, as well as innovative companies in fast-growing fields such as blockchain, medical technology and FTTH. We are proud to be the only Swiss member of World IT Lawyers, a respected global alliance of member law firms that share an aspiration to provide the best cross-border service to clients in the full spectrum of IT law. 


We can help to optimize and negotiate:

  • MME Cyber Risk Response Team
  • Workshops for the new GDPR
  • Outsourcing contracts, Cloud
  • Software and intellectual property licensing agreements
  • Advisory contracts
  • Support contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Service agreements and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Infrastructure, hardware, procurement and software development agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Blockchain and Crypto agreements
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Open Source/FOSS (Free Open Software Scan)
  • ISP and other agreements related to the Internet, Internet business models, hosting, telecommunication, telehousing, online payment systems, digital currencies and new technologies, including fibreglass, FTTH and nanotechnology
  • Digital Due Diligence (Data Protection Due Diligence; FOSS Due Diligence; Data Protection Impact Assessments)
  • Artficial Intelligence (PDF, 257 Kb)
  • Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Drones
  • Support as external data protection officer (art. 10 revised FADP) as well as Swiss representative for companies abroad (art. 14 revised FADP)


Our services cover every area of IT, including data protection, public tenders (public procurement law), competition law, advertising law, copyright law, consumer protection law, e-commerce, VAT, tax law (transfer pricing), social media, compliance, IT audits, gaming law, IT due diligence, litigation and arbitration. We also offer legal opinions and IT compliance monitoring services, such as Free Open Source Software Scans and Data Source Due Diligence.

Dr. Martin Eckert and Dr. Andreas Glarner coordinate our IT-related services and regularly advise CIOs, procurement departments and software developers. Dr. Eckert has served as a judge for the Federal Appeal Commission for Intellectual Property.

MME Integrated Approach

Your information technology business in Switzerland needs stability from a legal, tax and compliance perspective. With our integrated approach, we assess your projects also from a tax (including VAT, customs, transfer pricing) and compliance (data protection compliance, cyber risk compliance, regulatory compliance) point of view. For international clients, we help open doors to the Swiss and EU markets by establishing companies, branches and distribution systems, advising on immigration law and much more.



Recommended lawyer 2018 for TMT

MME Legal | Tax | Compliance’s ‘professional and very good’ practice is ‘highly service-oriented and an absolute specialist in the TMT sector’. The group is particularly well versed in IT matters, including advice on crypto finance, data protection and outsourcing to banks and companies. Recent work includes representing one of the top four banks in Switzerland in a software license court case and advising Ethereum Foundation on the structuring and implementation of a crowd-funded cryptocurrency development. ‘Outstanding and target-oriented IT lawyer’ Martin Eckert ´listens to the client’s needs first before giving advice’ and ‘does not hesitate to give recommendations regarding risk-based approaches’.


Legal 500 EMEA 

"MME is recommended for IP/TMT and domestic and international arbitration work. Partners include Martin Eckert and Bernhard Meyer."

"At MME, Martin Eckert is`top notch`. As former judge at the Swiss Federal Appeal Comission for Intellectual Property, he has a`wealth of knowledge`and is respected in the field."

Cooperation partners

Our cooperation partners for data protection and IT security:

ePrivacy is the leading provider of Privacy Seals in Germany and in the EU (

InfoGuard is the leading Swiss company for comprehensive information security and innovative network solutions. InfoGuard is a member of the Swiss "The Crypto Group" - one of the biggest and well-known security specialists in Europe with over 300 employees (

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