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Your goals

You are looking for comprehensive legal support in connection with health care, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. As a doctor, pharmacist, therapist, hospital or care facility owner, health insurer, professional association or pharmaceutical company, you seek for comprehensive legal advice on regulatory and commercial law issues in the field of health care, on drafting or reviewing contracts, or are looking for specialists who can support and represent you before authorities and courts. We ensure that you receive professional support so that you can focus on your own skills and work.

Our services

Our experts cover the entire spectrum of public and private health and therapeutic products law. This enables us to offer our clients comprehensive advice on all related matters. These include in particular the approval of pharmaceuticals, medical malpractice, the opening or transfer of practices, the drafting of research, development, licensing and distribution agreements, legal representation in civil, criminal and public proceedings as well as in tariff disputes or the prevention of corruption and other criminal offenses. Together with our tax and compliance experts, we can provide a unique and integrated approach to address our client’s issues in a holistic way.

Our offer includes:

  • Therapeutic products (pharmaceuticals and medical devices, approval and conformity assessment procedures, advertising)
  • Service providers (admission, liability, professional rules and regulations, disciplinary proceedings)
  • Doctors and pharmacies, networks of doctors and pharmacies
  • Professional associations in the medical field
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Corruption prevention and compliance
  • Practice contracts (contract negotiations and drafting)
  • Lists of hospitals
  • Patient and consumer law
  • Health and accident insurances
  • Economic efficiency procedures
  • Tariff disputes
  • Data protection
  • Contracts in the field of research, development, licensing and distribution
  • Representation in civil, criminal and public proceedings
  • Legal opinions in the areas mentioned above

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