Trade Compliance

Dual Use, Embargoes, Customs, Dangerous Goods, Sanctions, Technical Norms, Product Safety

Your goals

Businesses face increasing challenges arising from regulatory requirements, technical norms and complex contracts. The relevant laws and regulations may change almost on a daily basis. As an Executive, Senior and/or Compliance Manager, you are responsible not only to identify and address compliance requirements and risks, but you may also be personally liable for the non-compliant activities of the organization and its employees, whether you are awar of the wrongdoings or not. You want to ensure that your business efficiently complies with these requirements.

Our services

The MME Trade Compliance team consists of legal, customs and logistics experts, organisational advisors and technicians (such as engineers and chemists) who have a strong track records in Swiss industries managing trade compliance and export control programs. MME's experts deliver efficient and result orientated support to customers. We work hand in hand with proven international network partners to provide a single source of advice for multijurisdictional challenges, including CH, US and EU trade compliance matters. Our services include: 

  • Support in regulatory compliance procedures (customs, export controls, technical norms)
  • Outsourcing of compliance functions
  • Internal implementation of compliance regulations
  • Technical audits and product classification
  • Education of compliance experts, management and employees
  • External compliance functions: audits, compliance officer functions

In particular, our services extend to the following fields:

  • Dual use
  • Sanctions and embargoes (individuals, goods, financial)
  • Customs
  • Technical norms
  • Product safety
  • Dangerous goods / chemicals ordinance / REACH
  • PEP monitoring
  • Anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, production conditions
  • Certifications and certification procedures

Our MME compliance desk issues a weekly newsletter and grants access to a comprehensive compliance databank.

Integrated Approach

Your business activities in Switzerland need stability from a legal, tax and compliance perspective. With our integrated approach, we assess your projects from a legal, tax (including VAT, customs, transfer pricing) point of view considering also other compliance aspects (data protection compliance, cyber risk compliance, regulatory compliance). For international clients, we assist in establishing and organising business activities in Switzerland and the EU markets by incorporating companies, branches and distribution systems, advising on contracts, employment law, immigration law and much more

Client Feedback

“MME not only provided guidance on data collection and evaluation, but actively supported the team in data analysis and talks with suppliers and other third parties. Management values the output of the exercise and we are committed to taking the next steps based on the comprehensive project findings.”

Your team


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