Export Controls

Embargoes, Sanctions, Dual-Use, Military, ICP

Your goals

Cross-border trade has become more complex due to the need to comply with increasingly complex and restrictive regulations. This is particularly true in the area of national and international export controls, where sanctions and embargoes are amended almost daily, laws with extraterritorial effect are enacted and conflicting sanctions and embargo regimes are established in trade wars. The import and export of dual-use goods or military items is becoming increasingly costly. As a manager or compliance professional, you want to assess your personal and corporate risk, limit them by implementing compliance processes alongside automatic systems, ideally within a lean and efficient organisation.

Our services

MME’s Export Control Team supports you in assessing your risks and in implementing suitable measures to ensure compliance with Swiss and international export control regulations. In addition to lawyers, compliance and customs experts, the MME team is supported by technical experts (e.g. logistics, VAT) and global partners. We offer Swiss companies advice as a one-stop shop on all issues relating to sanctions and export controls, including all relevant extraterritorial export control regimes, in particular those of the EU and the USA. We look forward to supporting you in the area of:


  • Risk analysis CH, EU and US export control regime
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Development of an ICP (Internal Compliance Program)
  • Support in the implementation of suitable processes, systems and organization
  • External Compliance Officer / Outsourcing
  • Auditing/due diligence
  • Training export control, sanctions, embargoes, dual use, ITAR
  • Classification (HS, ECCN)
  • Deemed Export and Technology Management
  • Sanction list check (customers, suppliers, employees)
  • License applications / License management
  • Export control due diligence in M&A
  • Investigations with authorities (CH, EU, US)
  • Accompaniment of official investigations and proceedings

Integrated Approach

Your business activities in Switzerland need stability from a legal, tax and compliance perspective. With our integrated approach, we assess your projects from a legal and tax point of view (including VAT, customs, transfer pricing), all the while considering other compliance aspects (data protection compliance, cyber risk compliance, regulatory compliance). For international clients, we assist in establishing and organising business activities in Switzerland and the EU markets by incorporating companies, branches and distribution systems, advising on contracts, employment law, immigration law and much more.

Client Feedback

MME not only provided guidance on data collection and evaluation, but actively supported the team in data analysis and talks with suppliers and other third parties. Management values the output of the exercise and we are committed to taking the next steps based on the comprehensive project findings.”

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