Cultural Property | Art

Galeries, Auctions, Collections, Art Insurance, Copyrights, Inheritance Law

Your goals

Trading activities with art works and cultural properties and respective local and cross border transactions must be exercised with due care. Therefore, private individuals and businesses which are active in the art sector need to monitor the local and the international trading and regulatory rules, cultural and political interests and bilateral contracts continuously.

Our clients seek first-class, cost-effective management of their national and international activities with art works and cultural properties taking into account both local and international planning opportunities.

Our services

  • Transfer of cultural property
  • Return of cultural property
  • Import, transfer und export of cultural property; logistics
  • Trading activities with art works (sales and purchase transactions, leasing, lending and borrowing, installed goods, supply of installed art work)
  • Trading activities of art works through galleries
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Auctions
  • Inward and onward processing of art works (active and passive)
  • Status of cultural property
  • Art compliance
  • Art insurance
  • Copyrights

MME Integrated Approach

We aim to provide clients with holistic solutions that factor in all relevant international developments. The changing landscape urges individuals, public bodies and businesses to know the details of the culture and art law and to follow all the regulations. Thanks to the integration of commercial law, tax and compliance specialists in our team, we can ensure that all law matters are properly aligned and that you are fully aware of all important compliance regulations.